Arts and crafts master of China Lv Yaochen disciple
The Lord zhuang long hill
    Jin-chuan wang,1965Was born in jiangsu yixing special years,1982Years onto the road of purple sand pottery,1986Jim founded in ceramic art studio,Lv Yaochen master's guidance,In succession on the basis of traditional craft,By studying the yixing pottery unearthed GuTao,Bold development exploration lost hundreds of yixing clay casting process,Especially thin violet arenaceous bead clay craft of the tire maker,Through hardships,A final success,As yixing violet arenaceous bead in the history of the founder of thin foetus pottery pot。...

---- Zen tea blindly
Tea of the sages,All honors“Tea is one of the things,Zen tea blindly”。White clouds in the day,The bright moon,Boil tea incense,Turn the reading assignment,While all disappear,Dust, wash heart。Tea was born in the wild,The essence of heaven and earth。ChengFeng soil of the rain。Shen nong tasted grass bouquet and tea,The tea leakage of secrets of heaven and earth,His works put together the history,With a phantasy,Harmonic stone,Wake up the world,Boil tea in spring,Or will process slope to feast,Forest under the book,Painting of flowers and between sentences,Hold the chicken with a letter to the house,A cup of spring dew temporarily detain a guest,Two axillary wind a few fairy,The guest to the mo tea when the wine,Township in bamboo and neighbors,Not a drunk,Micro clear thinking。